Natural Luxe Care Bag 7 Pieces

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Natural Luxe Care Bag

  • This luxury care bag set consisting of 7 pieces is the most natural way to make your loved ones feel that you are thinking of them with the valuable product range it contains .

Bag content:

  1. 400 ml Natural Rosewater

  2. 150 ml Moisturizing Cleansing Milk

  3. 200 ml Skin Cleansing Foam

  4. 150 ml Soft Formula Revitalizing Face Care Cream

  5. 20 ml Vitamin E Lip Moisturizer

  6. 100 gr Olive Oil Rose Essence Beauty Soap

  7. Shower Lift

Shipping method:

  • It is boxed together with the Gift Rose Products Bag and prepared for shipment.

To inform : 

  • Some products in the bag may vary depending on current stock status. An equivalent or higher priced product is used instead of a product that is currently out of stock.