115 ml Bamboo Room Fragrance Deluxe ROSE ISPARTA

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115 ml Bamboo Room Fragrance Deluxe ROSE ISPARTA

  • Let the unique scent of the world-famous Isparta rose gardens rise from the bamboo sticks and surround your room. Feel fresh as if you were in the middle of rose gardens with its peaceful aromatherapy scent.

Instruction manual

  •   Open the Rosie Bamboo room box. Unscrew the cap of the bottle, remove the transparent stopper and place the bamboo sticks in the box into the bottle. The sticks' absorption and dispersion of the odor will begin within a few hours, depending on the environmental conditions. In order for the bamboo sticks to continue to spread the scent effectively, it is recommended to turn them upside down as soon as you feel that the scent has decreased in the environment. You can adjust the scent intensity you want in the environment by decreasing or increasing the number of sticks in the bottle. Do not burn the sticks. When turning the sticks upside down, be careful not to let the liquid get on the wooden and leather surfaces.