Useful information before you confirm your participation for our Reunion. You can search for your queries in this document before reaching out to your respective branch rep.

ReUnite ’95

1. What is the overall plan for the ReUnite’95 ?

The Reunion is planned from Thursday, Aug 1st to Sunday, Aug 4th of 2024

Venue : SR Jungle Resort, Anaikatti

Day 1 – Thursday, Aug 1st : Resort check-in from 2pm

Day 2 – Friday, Aug 2nd: Day long program at PSG Tech starting 9:30am until dinner. Return to the resort for overnight stay

Day 3 – Saturday, Aug 3rd : Day long programs at the resort

Day 4 – Sunday, Aug 4th : Checkout 12pm

2. Who can participate in the Reunion?

All the PSG incoming ‘95 batch members and their family members can be part of the Reunion

3. How many people are expected at the Reunion?

Based on the poll conducted earlier by the Organizing committee we are expecting a strength of ~225 batch students of ’95 and ~150 family members to attend. In total we are expecting ~375 to 400 people to attend. Please reach out to all our batchmates who are not in whatsapp group or social media also. The Reunion is targeted for maximum participation and fun.

ReUnite ’95 – College Day Event

1. What are the events planned on College Day during our Reunion?

ReUnite' 95 is an event planned and organised to come together to celebrate with our

batchmates and felicitate our staff on completing 25 years with this institution. A whole day

event is being planned at the college on Friday, August 2nd

Indicative events starting 9:30AM

★ Felicitate staff during our period in college

★ Tour around our respective branches

★ Hi Tea & Snacks at college cafeteria

★ Lunch in college cafeteria

★ Tour around our hostel

★ Hi Tea & Snacks at hostel

★ Tech Music on a professionally set stage

★ Other fun activities organised by external Event Managers and

★ Dinner at Hostel

2. What is the cost expected for our Reunion on the college day event?

Expense details

Cost planned



Felicitate 110+ Staff (includes personal

invites, mementos, travel and


Branded Swags for all 95 batch students

(includes Souvenirs, T-Shirts, Yearbook)

Rs.4000 for each 95


Mandatory for all the

participants and the non-participants who cannot

join due to unfortunate


College event



College day events,

External Event management

Registration desk, TechMusic, Stage

Decorations - Additional music equiments,

lights,Fun Events - Selfie booths, memory

booths, Chairs/tables (for lunch), Dinner

Rs. 3500 for each 95


Accompanying adult guest -

Rs.1000/- person and kid –


3. Can I invite additional guests or family members to the College day event?

Yes. You can bring additional guests or family members. The cost involved is Rs. 3500 for

each 95 batchmate. Accompanying adult guest - Rs.1000/- person and kid – Rs.500/person.

(Kids over the age of 10 are treated as adults)

4. When will I get the T-shirt, souvenirs and the branded swags?

The organizing committee will collect information on the T-shirt size and the details required

for the yearbook through a separate google form. The yearbook is going to be a repository of

our 95’ batchmates ~530. The participants can collect them during the Reunion at CBE. The

friends who have paid but cannot attend unfortunately can collect through the branch rep.

5. Who are the staff expected at the Reunion?

The college and the Alumni have given a list of staff and their whereabouts who taught us

across all the branches. The college has also given clear instructions on how to invite and

felicitate them. We will have to personally invite each of them for the Reunion and take care

of their travel, accommodation if required. On Friday, at the college event, we will felicitate

our staff on the event of us completing 25 years with this institution.

6. What is the college or Alumni Association providing us for the Reunion?

The college or the Alumni Association provides us the place in the College and hostel on the

day of the Reunion – 2nd Aug 2024 Fri to relish our memories. The lunch will be sponsored by

the college or Alumni Association.

The event management, any fun games, decorations required for the stages including Tech

music, morning and evening Tea/snacks and dinner will have to be borne by us.


1. Where is the stay planned?

Stay is planned at SR Jungle Resort, Anaikatti

2. How far is SR jungle resort from Coimbatore?

SR jungle resort is 30 to 35 km away from Coimbatore. It will take ~1 hr 15 min to reach from airport and 1hr to reach from the railway station

3. Why was SR jungle resort chosen?

We had discussions with 16 hotel/resorts in and around Coimbatore. SR jungle was the only

resort which could accommodate our ~400 expected group size. Some of the hotels within

Coimbatore could not provide us the event hall. Here at SR Jungle, we can keep the entire

resort and the facilities for our batch mates, at a well negotiated rate, provided we meet the

committed group size.

4. How many days of accommodation is planned?

SR Jungle Resort is booked from Thursday, 1st August to Sunday, 4th August for the ReUnite

'95 event. Participants can choose to stay in the resort either for,

Option 1: 3 nights - Check-in: Thurs, 1st Aug 2pm, Checkout : Sun 4th Aug 12pm

Option 2: 2 nights - Check-in: Fri, 2nd Aug 2pm, Checkout : Sun 4th Aug 12pm

Note: SR Jungle provided rates were for 3 night stay. We had negotiated and extended the

same rate for 2 nights also. At this point of time we are unable to provide the option of 1

night stay. As we come closer to the event and if we get good numbers we can renegotiate

with SR jungle resort and check the possibility of this 1 night option.

5. What is the cost for the accommodation and what is included in the cost?

We have booked the whole resort based on the earlier poll conducted. We had multiple cost

negotiations with the SR jungle resort and below are the options.

Option 1

Option 2

Number of


3 nights

2 nights


Thurs, 1st Aug 2pm

Fri, 2nd Aug 2pm


Sun 4th Aug 12pm

Sun 4th Aug 12pm

Day 1: Thurs,

Aug 1st

Hi-Tea with Snacks

Buffet Dinner

Day 2, Friday,

Aug 2nd

Bed Coffee / Tea

Buffet Breakfast

Transport to & from college for College


Transport from the college

after the College Event

Day 3, Saturday,

Aug 3rd

Bed Coffee / Tea

Buffet Breakfast

Buffet Lunch

Hi-Tea with Snacks

Buffet Dinner

Bed Coffee / Tea

Buffet Breakfast

Buffet Lunch

Hi-Tea with Snacks

Buffet Dinner

Day 4, Sunday,

Aug 4th

Bed Coffee / Tea

Buffet Breakfast

Bed Coffee / Tea

Buffet Breakfast

Cost (inclusive of

18% tax)

Adult - Rs. 17,000/-

Child - Rs. 8,500/-

Adult - Rs. 12,000/-

Child - Rs. 6,000/-

Children are considered of age between 5 to 10. Kids above 10 yrs are treated as Adults.

Complimentary for kids below 5 years.

6. How to reach the resort?

Arrange your own commute to and from the resort. You can also coordinate with the resort

travel desk and self manage payments with them for local transport for pick up/drop off from

railway station / airport to the resort. We will provide you the contact details of SR jungle

resort as we get closer to the reunion.

7. How can we commute between the resort to the college?

Transportation by bus has been arranged for Day 2, Friday, 2nd August 2024 from the Resort

to College in the morning and From College to Resort at night.

8. I am local to CBE and do not need accommodation at the SR jungle resort. I would like to still participate in the Resort day events planned on Sat Aug 3rd. Can I attend?

Yes. You can participate. We have negotiated with the SR jungle resort for the guest charges.

Adult guest - Rs.3500 per person and kid – Rs.1750 per person

Cost includes - Buffet Lunch , Hi-Tea with Snacks & Buffet Dinner

9. I plan to stay at the SR jungle resort. Can I invite additional guests or family members to the Resort day event on Sat Aug 3rd?

Yes. You can bring additional guests or family members.

Accompanying adult guest - Rs.3500 per person and kids – Rs.1750 per person

Cost includes - Buffet Lunch , Hi-Tea with Snacks & Buffet Dinner

10. Is the cost for Cocktail included in the overall cost? I do not consume alcohol - does that change the cost I incur?

The resort will make arrangements for the Cocktail / Mocktail party, on the sidelines of buffet

dinner. The cost for this arrangement is NOT included in the overall package cost. Interested friends have to pay and consume on-demand basis.

It has been planned in such a way that only beer, soda will be purchased at the resort. Other domestic / imported liquor will be brought in by those who consume.


1. What are the types of sponsorships available?

The sponsorship can be

★ A banner or stall or display table in the SR jungle resort where you can display yours or

any family members owned business / brands

★ Your Brand printed in the yearbook

★ T-shirts or souvenirs.

★ Partial or 100% Sponsorship for batchmates who have financial constraints.

★ Funds towards reunion expenses, and any specific activity of your choice.

2. Is there any limit to the sponsorship amount?

For the branding opportunity, we will come back with a specific rate card.

For the sponsoring of batchmates or other activities, it can be any amount in multiples of INR


3. Will I get to know the total amount collected through sponsorships?

A final expense report on the expenses incurred for the whole event including the sponsorship fund will be published after the Reunion Event. The organizing committee will

discuss and arrive at a decision on what needs to be done with the remaining funds if any.

The final decision and the details will be shared with everyone.