DEPOSIT/TRANSFER- There is a one time $40 deposit payable via Pay-pal with the submission of this vendor sign up. The deposit will be refunded to the vendor after the last event date the vendor signed up for. There are a total of 5 event dates the vendor can sign up for. If there is a no call/no show for an event the vendor will not get their deposit back. Should the Vendor be unable to attend and vend on a date that was signed up for, the Vendor must contact Lindsey or Dom immediately. The vendor SHALL NOT transfer or resell their booth to another party.

TERMS - Vendor must provide their own tent, tables and displays. The vendor will be given access to the venue no less than two hours before the Event begins, to set up the vendor’s booth, goods to be sold, and anything else that is needed and customary to vend. Vendors will have access to the location for ONE HOUR following the event to dismantle and remove ALL items brought to the event by the vendor. Vendor shall leave the location free from trash and in identical condition that it was in before the vendor arrived, or be susceptible to additional charges from host. Vendor agrees to hold the host free from any damages or claims that may develop in connection with participating in the event. The vendor is entirely responsible for the leased space and ALL of their merchandise. The host is not responsible for ANY stolen or damaged goods.

EVENT - Every event is going to have a theme, which will be posted on IG 2 weeks before the event date. Vendors are encouraged to wear costumes per the theme for that event. There will be a costume contest at the end of each event, with awards given for best costume.