Owens Sweet Treats

Payment is due upon delivery in cash BHD (in exact change preferably). A final receipt will be sent via email. Please notify me of any changes to the order 2 days in advance. All cookies are sold in batches of two

Bake Goods

د.ب.‏1.40 Brown Butter Chocolate Chip cookies (has walnuts)
د.ب.‏1.00 Oat Meal Cookies with Icing
د.ب.‏1.20 Chewy Ginger molassses cookies
د.ب.‏1.00 Red Velvet White chocolate Chip cookies
د.ب.‏1.20 Snickerdoodle crunch
د.ب.‏1.20 macadamia nut cookies
د.ب.‏6.00 Fudge Brownie (Box of 9)
د.ب.‏12.00 Vanilla Cupcakes (Box of 12)
د.ب.‏12.00 Chocolate Cupcakes (Box of 12)

Order Summary

Reminder all cookies are sold in batches of two!

Contact & delivery details

Any orders placed on the same Thursday date as the present date will not be delivered. Please do not place an order the day before the delivery time!

Review and place your order

Please review your order carefully before submitting it for processing.


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