Leo Cookies

Welcome Cookie Lovers! We introduce to you: Leo Cookies, uniquely shaped cup cookies stuffed with creamy fillings. Our cookie flavors are inspired by crowd favorite tastes.

One Cookie, Two Bites, Endless Flavors



8xNutella, 8xLotus, 8xKinder, 8xPistachio

(You can customize quantity of flavors in the comment section)

The Big Leo - 32 Pcs

3xNutella, 3xLotus, 2xKinder, 2xPistachio, 2xRed Velvet

Mix of 12 (Popular)
From $10.00 Red Velvet (6 or 12 pcs)
From $8.00 Box of Reese (6 or 12 pcs)

2xNutella, 1xLotus, 2xKinder, 1xPistachio

Mix of 6
From $8.00 Box of Nutella (6 or 12 pcs)
From $8.00 Box of Kinder (6 or 12 pcs)
From $8.00 Box of Lotus (6 or 12 pcs)
From $10.00 Box of Pistachio (6 or 12 pcs)
$2.50 Chocolate Dip

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