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Island hopping tour Itinerary

Tour is about 4hours

1. 1hour drop at Dayang Bunting Island

Before we reach to the island ourboatman will stop by at the scenery where you can see the island looks like a pregnant lady laying down.that is why the folks around here call the island Dayang bunting which is in english The Pregnant Maiden Island.

- Entering Permit of Rm3/adult is not included, Child is free of charge. At the Island you have a choice doing a lot of xtvt's like Swimming at the lake, at here we have a kids pool to to enjoy the freshwater lake.

-You have an optional xtvt for doing a kayaking, paddle boat and even a sea scooter for rent

2. Eagle feeding at singa besar island

- we will spent about 15minutes for a eagle feeding.

-our boatman will provide chicken skin to attract the eagle

-they will be 2 type of eagle you can see here, Brahmini kite which is the iconic red eagle of langkawi & the largest eagle the white bellied eagle roaming the sky around langkawi.

-1hour drop at beras basah island (swimming at the beach)

3.Beras Basah Island

this is the 3rd island for visiting. at here you will given about 1 hour to spent time at this island.

-xtvt around here is you can have a picnic, swimming by the clear water beach and even do the snorkeling around here look for the wide variety of fish (noted there is no coral around the island)