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  • Premium Superior-Grade Atlantic Salmon: We receive airfreighted shipments of top-grade, fresh, and whole salmon filets directly from our seafood suppliers. Only top quality is chosen to be processed at our facility. 

  • Elimination of Unpleasant Tastes; We meticulously remove blood meat and fishy odours, the culprits behind bitterness and unwanted flavours, preserving the pure essence of salmon taste. (In contrast, many other establishments simply ignore them to reduce labour cost.) 

  • 10+ Hours of Maturity Through Kombu and Secret Ingredients: Our marination undergoes a sophisticated maturation process for over six hours using kelp and secret ingredients, enhancing its richness and achieving a delightful, tender texture. 

  • Freshly Prepared in Limited Quantities: We prepare and dispatch orders on the same day, ensuring freshness tailored to the order volume.

  • Net Weight: It's not just about the quantity of the salmon, it's about achieving the right balance. Salmon, with its distinct oil content, can absorb soy sauce, resulting in a murky appearance. As for the shrimp it will lose its chewy texture. After numerous trials, we have perfected the golden ratio of seafood to soy sauce, infusing meticulous care into every preparation.

  • Net weight of 400g salmon: actual weight (10pcs) 325~350g