Death's Caress Candle

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Introducing Death's Caress from Cressa Candles, a delightful scented candle in a captivating red hue, exuding a perfect fusion of cinnamon and sugar cookie aromas that evoke the cozy joy of baking at a grandmother's home.

Available in 4oz, 8oz, and 10oz sizes, Death's Caress suits various rooms, providing a soothing atmosphere that melts away daily stress.

The harmonious blend of sweet cinnamon and the comforting scent of sugar cookies induces nostalgic warmth, offering a feeling of safety and affection akin to a warm hug, delivering comfort and relaxation.

Step into the soothing sanctuary created by Death's Caress, the Cressa Candles scented candle, and let its delightful fragrance envelop you in coziness.

Scent: Baking Cookies | with notes of Sugar Cookie & Cinnamon