Inflated Water Balloon

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1.You will receive a jelly ball and small Tube.

2.Find the hole ,it is on the top side of ball.

3.Before Insert the small Tube into to hole ,we suggest that use your finger to flip the inside out,like the belly button. In this way ,can avoid puncture the ball.

4.Insert the small Tube inside, then connect the adapter with the white tube to blow air into ball with your mouth or you can use almost any pump you have. And another play way, you can also connect it to a (high pressure) hose to fill in water.

(please note :Do not insert too large holes to avoid air leakage)

5.Don’t blow it more than 2 feet high because it may burst.

6.After blowing up the big balloon ,pull out the tube directly,the hole will shrink automatically to hold the air.

7.If it get punctured during playing ,you can use a stick patch/tape to seal the hole,it will work for somtimes.

Adult suppervision required.