Fashion (c900 Ultra) 2.09

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Introducing the C900 Ultra Smart Watch, the pinnacle of innovation and style that redefines the standard for smart wearable technology. This cutting-edge timepiece seamlessly integrates advanced features, sleek design, and versatility to enhance every facet of your daily life.

The C900 Ultra Smart Watch boasts a vibrant and responsive touch screen, providing an intuitive and interactive interface for effortless navigation through its extensive range of features. Stay connected, organized, and in control with notifications, weather updates, and a host of customizable apps, all conveniently accessible from your wrist.

Elevate your health and fitness journey with the C900’s comprehensive health-tracking capabilities. From heart rate monitoring to sleep analysis, this smartwatch empowers you to take charge of your well-being, providing real-time insights that assist you in achieving your fitness goals.


Fashion (C900 Ultra) 2.09

Model NO. C900 Ultra-Smart Watch

Screen: 2.09 inches, 240*285

Standby Time Max: 120h

Specification 50.5*36.5*33.8CM